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Good practice indicators

Good Practice Indicators for asking young people about online activities during mental health consultations.

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‘Who and when' to ask

Which young people should be asked by practitioners about their online activities, how frequently, and in what circumstances?

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'How' to ask

Most appropriate ways of starting and conducting conversations about online activities to maximise engagement and minimise blame or stigma

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'What' to ask

What should be covered within conversations about online activity to enable practitioners to identify risk and support a young person’s mental health?

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What should be done with the information from conversations, particularly where risky use is uncovered?

Guidance: Services

Lucy Biddle (Principle Investigator)

“Our study emphasised the need for a flexible approach from mental health practitioners. It showed that the positive aspects of online use should also be acknowledged to ensure that young people don’t feel misunderstood or that they are being judged for their activities.”

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