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‘Outcomes’ - following up on conversations

What should be done with the information from conversations, particularly where risky use is uncovered?

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Good Practice Indicators

1. Online activity that causes concern should be flagged in notes so that it can be followed-up at other appointments

2. Clinicians should involve parents in conversations about a young person’s online activities if the young person is under 12-years-old

3. Clinicians should encourage the young person to be active in taking care of their own online safety

4. A clinician should not simply recommend stopping online activities but support the young person to engage with the online world in a more positive way

5. Aspects of online safety should be incorporated into treatment/ safety plans (see below)

6. When recommending apps, it is important for a clinician to offer several choices of app, always offer to demonstrate apps, and then follow-up on whether the recommendation was helpful or not

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Personalised treatment/ safety plans should include

  • Strategies for reducing exposure to harmful content

  • Strategies for recognising where patterns of online activity indicate worsening mental health

  • Strategies for dealing with harmful or upsetting content

  • Identification of offline alternatives to online activities

  • Signposting to useful sites or apps

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